Learning Outcomes

Look, there are numerous reflective educators out there with an opinion on the importance of, and use of learning outcomes/aims/objectives. These range from dismissive to advocacy. For the record, I do think that clearly defined destinations promote students engagement, as much as ambigious destinations hamper it. I also think that “modelled work” and “success criteria” .... Read more and bookmark.

Canvas-ing design ideas

I’ve said it more than once, RSS (and here) is a fantastic and much under-utilised recourse. Feedly, my agregator of choice. This week, on the back of the InstructureCon (Canvas conference), the Canvas blog signposted three Canvas Network’s Educator courses. I decided to dip into Course Design Lab: Add Flair to Your Canvas Course by Gerol Petruzella (Mass. College of Liberal Arts) in an .... Read more and bookmark.

Stumbling to success

Winston Churchill once said ‘success is stumbling from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.’ If you are not prepared to risk failure, and not resilient enough to cope with it, you will not achieve success” Jill Berry c/o Caroline Spalding .... Read more and bookmark.

Teams – Project Aristotle

Leadership literature is littered with models, lists and quick fixes. I understand that we, the consumers/leaders, seek assurances to guide our own practice however distilling leadership in this manner seem wholly inadequate to me. That said, this morning, I followed a signpost to Project Aristotle, Google’s investigation to codify organisational team effectiveness.  Specifically, .... Read more and bookmark.