Coaching for schools

As Jackie Arnold highlights in Chapter 19 of Coaching Skills for Leaders in the Workplace, “Organisational approaches to coaching” fall into three broad categories. Centralised and structured Organic and emergent Tailored middle ground Following my visit to Wells Cathedral School, Somerset, and meetings with Head of School, Dr Andy Kemp and Coach Graham Norris, I learnt that at .... Read more and bookmark.

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Coaching skills for leaders (part 3)

After Clean Language, the later chapters of Jackie Arnold’s book are broader and more organisational, linking to the Level 5 ILM course. Just two snippets. If you continue to regard your coachee as having the ability to learn and grow and allow them to create their own plans, you should not misuse your leadership role and the perceive power and authority that go with it. p.172 If you .... Read more and bookmark.

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Coaching skills for leaders (part 2)

The second half of the course reading ‘Coaching Skills for Leaders in the Workplace’ – Jackie Arnold has already highlighted a line of personal enquiry – Clean Language. Which connects with a second area of interest, supporting teacher professional development and ‘The Discipline of Noticing,’ – an approach towards noticing possibilities for acting .... Read more and bookmark.

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Listening to promote their thinking

The quality of your listening will establish the quality of their thinking. Now there is a comment worth considering. I picked up this thought from Jackie Arnold’s book on Coaching. The importance of effective listening was raised in a conversation with Dr Paul Browning last March when discussing the development of trust within an organisation. In light of my investment in Coaching, my .... Read more and bookmark.

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How difficult is hard?

Here we are talking about question or item analysis. How difficulty is a question. Multiple Choice Questions MCQ quizzes can be given a difficulty rating or (p-value). The higher the value the easier the question, or quiz.* Having discussed this with the staff at Boundary Oak School – here is my understanding. Your carefully construct you objective assessment items. Our conversation .... Read more and bookmark.

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Coaching skills for leaders

Halfway through the course reading Coaching Skills for Leaders in the Workplace – Jackie Arnold @jackiearnold I thought it may be worth just capturing my reflections and sharing one or two highlights. As you would hope, Jackie Arnold , provides a clear and practical outline of mentoring and of coaching. She looks at the different management, leadership and coach roles we may adopt and how .... Read more and bookmark.

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