The pain of regret

Brad Stevens – Boston Celtics I don’t care about the result, I care that we have no regrets. The pain of discipline isn’t as bad as the pain of regret. – Brad Stevens It looks like you could be new here, so thanks for dropping by. If you are indeed returning, then welcome back and if you are a glutton for punishment, you can subscribe RSS feed. Thanks for visiting. .... Read more and bookmark.

Cultures of Thinking – baking and teaching

I have for toyed with the idea of baking as a metaphor for teaching. Fundamentally, both are part Science and part art, complex processes that to an extent unpredictable. In both cases, looks can be deceiving. This thinking has been reignited with the responsibility of leading and developing teaching, learning and to a lesser extent assessment. It was a thought process enhanced and moved .... Read more and bookmark.

Not even reliably wrong

On more than a handful of occasions I have asked the DfE and Ofsted to discuss the effectiveness of annual performance reviews. Both parties are unremarkedly quiet on the matter. Now, after reading Paola Cecchi-Dimeglio article “How Gender Bias Corrupts Performance Reviews, and What to Do About It” over at the Harvard Business Review, it read that PM reviews are not only weak tools .... Read more and bookmark.

Cultures of Thinking

Back in January I attended our National In-service day. In between the big hitters, we were introduced to Cultures of Thinking #culturesofthinking courtesy of educational consultant Simon Brooks. His whistle stop tour, was exactly that. As part of the Headteachers meeting the following day, Simon led an impassioned and influential seminar, primarily through a worked example of .... Read more and bookmark.