Leaders of tomorrow

In his “Global Research Report: Be Exceptional – Tomorrow’s Leadership and the Necessary Revolution in Today’s Leadership Development” Hawkins report connects with two early posts that summarises my understanding of systemic or team coaching. It also includes an interesting letter to the leaders of tomorrow – which I thought was worth sharing for debate. In the .... Read more and bookmark.

15 Apr ’19 0

High Performing Teams

Along side my personal interest in coaching and organisational design, I have encountered ‘team coaching.’ Given schools are essentially a team of teams (often hierarchical in structure), school leaders may be wise to know more about how they are created, directed and coached. Not only the teams themselves but the spaces between the teams. Many thought leaders – such as Hamel .... Read more and bookmark.

14 Apr ’19 0

60-30-10 Rule – teams

Following on from the post on Team Coaching, here is a short follow-up on the 60-30-10 rule as applied to team. It is particularly relevant to education – and I will explain why after you have a handle on it. The 60-30-10 rule places the major part of your team leadership energy, 60%, where it will have the most impact. For the most part, that is in the pre-work. Commissioning, creating .... Read more and bookmark.

12 Apr ’19 0

Team Coaching

Seeing education from an organisational design (OD) perspective is a relatively recent shift in my leadership thinking. Add coaching to that mix and you can see how I myself at this fascinating junction. Coaching and mentoring for education has been my area of professional learning for approaching a year now. After reading Dr Peter Hawkins Creating a Coaching Culture and team coaching being .... Read more and bookmark.

12 Apr ’19 0

What to do next?

What happens when you take the red pill? After I accepted that I was in charge but not in control (with the thought applied to teaching) I certainly found it much more difficult to accept a lesson summed up by a numerical grade unpalatable. That a handful of lesson grades, accounting for a substantial part (any part) of a teachers pay review, questionable. I found it more difficult to accept a .... Read more and bookmark.

12 Apr ’19 0

Leaders – you are not in control

It started with Keven Bartle’s presentation at #TLT15. A presentation that questioned the current balance of education power and concepts of what leadership and leading is. Keven superimposed his messages upon clips from the The Matrix, encouraging his audience to question and look beyond the accepted narrative of inspection frameworks with it’s emphasis on accountability. Beyond .... Read more and bookmark.

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