Hard graft and gratitude… Tom Roger

A few lessons learnt this week, tying in with #teachwellfest, recognition and gratitude. Learning most days in school leadership, from colleagues and those with plenty more school leadership experience than I have. Have spare neutral cards at your disposal so that you can leave a personal message for a colleague, when you are caught off guard or not prepared. – Tamra Bradbury Regional .... Read more and bookmark.

23 Jun ’18 0

Smile protector programme

Saturday 30th is #TeachWellFest. I am an advocating for the event because without positive staff well-being, there is no profession and second because I respect the investment of hard working, determined educators, putting staff well-being and career longevity in the spotlight. The names associated with event will hardly surprise you. They are the agitators and rabble-rousers, protagonists and .... Read more and bookmark.

23 Jun ’18 0

Kintsukuroi and School Improvement Plans

Self reflection frameworks and school improvement plans go together like… well… self reflection frameworks (SEF) and school improvement plans (SIP). It is that time of year, where our attention turns to planning for the next academic cycle, preparing September’s INSET days, professional development programme, school calendar and to developing and sustaining a school-wide .... Read more and bookmark.

19 Jun ’18 0

Compelling Leadership – part 4

I’ve not let go of compelling leadership. I’ve not let go of my interest in developing trust in my leadership. Here is my daily reminder.   From Compelling Leadership, to Francis Frei to Radical Candor™. Radical Candor™ is the ability to Challenge Directly and show you Care Personally at the same time. Radical Candor will help you and all the people you work with do .... Read more and bookmark.

10 Jun ’18 0

The Science of Learning Week 5

The final segment of an enjoyable learning experience. The first and important point, teaching children about brain plasticity, can change students self concept, their ideas of who they are. It can change the way they think about their ability not as something that’s fixed, but as something that they themselves can develop. This can help students become more resilient, encouraging them .... Read more and bookmark.

30 May ’18 0

Thinking about Thinking

Thinking about Thinking and metacognition seem to be a educational focus at the moment. What with the EEF paper and flurry or articles in the Chartered College of Teaching periodical – Impact. Couple that with the novice/expert learner conversation, it got me thinking. What does expert thinking look like? It is rare to find examples of clever people talking coherently about the process of .... Read more and bookmark.

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