Online Media

A number of staff have asked about showing online media in their classroom and sadly, many of the sites they use personally are filtered here in educationland and sadly I dont have time to support them individually, so here is my online response. In addition to watching online media you can store, ‘grab’ or convert files that you may wish to use at a later date. My .... Read more and bookmark.

1 Apr ’08 0

Trying Out AuthorStream

Just recently, I have been introduced to a number of PowerPoint to flash tools. iSpring Pro is FREE and converts PowerPoint to Flash. Net and simply add that option to Powerpoint itself.However, having used and liked the very reliable Slideshare, AuthorStream grabbed my attention as it allows you to export to share on YouTube (automatically available in a video format). Furthermore, and this .... Read more and bookmark.

30 Mar ’08 1

What Interest Students

Friday afternoon, two talented, socialable and engaging male students choose to disengage from class. It would be easy to excuse their behaviour as “last lesson of the weekitis” or to attribute their behavious to the slightly dull topic of databases or to blame the situation that they are “boys.” However I am in the business of finding solutions, of working with .... Read more and bookmark.

29 Mar ’08 0

Did Someone Say Trust

I admit it, I have a bee in my bonnet and have done sinve I moved from the post 16 sector to Hamble College. Especially with that word trust. As a teacher I am seeking more trust, thank goodness I am not the only one banging that drum, as I read Ewan McIntosh’s post… ‘Just look at the lack of control over their technology and it’s not surprise that most teachers have, .... Read more and bookmark.

29 Mar ’08 2

Progress and Bumps in the Road

The week I learnt just how fast time in schools can pass. I have made myself accountable on a number of ICT issues and completed only one or two. Whether it is the “unknown unknowns” like cover, staff issues in their classrooms, unique student events (theft from a changing rooms following Yr 8 football practice) or deliveries, time passes quickly. Having an office is highly .... Read more and bookmark.

29 Mar ’08 0

Cover Lessons

To set the scene, lower band Yr 9 Maths group (13-14 yr olds). Two teaching assistants and an exercise book task. Bring on the heavy weights…. cooperative competition. ‘Student Team Learning strategies have compiled an enviable record of research which documents positive contributions to academic achievement. In 40 studies of Student Team Learning methods, 33 studies found students .... Read more and bookmark.

26 Mar ’08 0