Just a couple of points, the first is a really neat find for all students completing Unit 2 and 21 on the OCR ICT Nationals course. ICONlook is a search engine for ICONS. Even is students only use the site to find and combine the icons with text, its a great accelerator. I searched for ‘blog’ and found a loud speaker icon, search ‘home’ and you get some 50 or so .... Read more and bookmark.

28 May ’08 0

Year 11 Leavers Assembly

Year 11 had their official leaving assembly this week, Animoto  again delivered a well received mini movie (unfortunately the lack of centrally located and filed photos let us down a little.) I was impressed again with the quality of the assembly and the over impact the assembly had on the students. I wonder how the Year 10s will now respond? As a Department we still have to internally .... Read more and bookmark.

26 May ’08 0


So today we took the work the students created in class and uploaded a range to AuthorStream. The motivation to get their work on the site was impression. I also learnt a few teaching points for E(ngage)-Learning and was left with one or two questions to reflect on; Although I created a short presentation about using AS, actually creating an account needed a little more structure. Perhaps a .... Read more and bookmark.

22 May ’08 0

Pizzled yet Pleased

I recently read about a new addition to the dictionary, ‘pizzled,’ An amalgamation of the words “pissed off” and “puzzled.” Well I was certainly pizzled this week! Not knowing what was wrong with my PC and internet connection, we finally managed to convince Virgin to send an engineer to visit. I felt vilified when he too could not find the solution to our .... Read more and bookmark.

18 May ’08 0

Utility Belt

I am again wondering if teaching ICT is the best way to educate our learners at Hamble College and the best way to seep ICT into learning. In the past two cover lessons I have been able to introduce a range of ICT tools that the students have, and will continue to benefit from. I was quiet surprised by their response if I am honest. My second thought is how do I share these resources .... Read more and bookmark.

14 May ’08 2

Help Desk

Currently we do not operate a help desk. Our IT office is exactly that, an office. Our staff do not really use the automated ICT reporting tab but its getting better. The question for me, is how best to provide an IT support service to both our staff and students? Young students banging on a windowless door is not the way to forward either. If there are any Network managers out there that have .... Read more and bookmark.

14 May ’08 0