To do what…?

‘Teaching students to do what?’ That was the phrase from a recent ‘Moving at the Speed of Creativity’ podcast (courtesy of Steve Wycoff) that really struck a cord. I don’t have long to write this post, so I will be concise, never a bad thing. Dr Wycoff’s point is that we should be focus on why we teaching our students, more so that what we are teaching. He .... Read more and bookmark.

22 Jun ’08 2

The Madagascar Penguins

Its not too long until INSET is upon us, I was thinking that I might use the themes presented by the penguins to look at how we might address some fo the issues in our department. Like the penguins I am a little impulsive but we are tight night. .... Read more and bookmark.

18 Jun ’08 0


Another blocked site by the Hampshire filters. Not holding back, we asked for agreement from parents and students to use photo hosting site Flickr to share their fantastic memories from this trip. The students from the Barca 08 trip have shown that they are comfortable with this technology have uploaded over 250 photos to share. We even have one of the students administrating the site. These .... Read more and bookmark.

17 Jun ’08 0

Disappointed I Didnt Think of it

I was very impressed by the ease and functionality of Wordle, however I was disappointed that I did come up with this idea on how to use Wordle. The idea to extend the use of tag clouds to analyze long pieces of text like speeches. Simply brilliant, and now consider all the lesson ideas and questions that might follow such a connection. Do speeches convey the message they look like? And .... Read more and bookmark.

16 Jun ’08 2


This is rather neat, I must remember to send it onto Seb Schmoller. It was in his presentation that I first saw a word cloud use to presentation effect.  Wordle is an online tool which can read your lines, change the colour and directions of the words as well are easily removed unwanted tags, (right click). Here is my online consciousness. .... Read more and bookmark.

15 Jun ’08 0

Need to Change Your Mood

After another busy week of planning, I have to admit I am finding it tough to keep up. Planning, staffing, teaching and budgeting. I have been trying to organise the KS3 curriculum to the best of my abilities, even though we have appointed a new member of staff for September, the curriculum needs preparation. On top of that, our KS4 has come to an end and the results are disappointing. More .... Read more and bookmark.

13 Jun ’08 0