I was wrong about Coaching (Part 7/7)

Opening yourself up to being Coached In the summer, following a commitment to work with the Education Support Partnership, I was offered Coaching in recognition for advocating for the charity. I was unsure, I paused for thought. Yes, I know I write publically and I am naturally sociable, however I am quite guarded personally. I discussed the offer with a trusted and very experienced Head .... Read more and bookmark.

3 Feb ’19 0

Disappointed yet undeterred

In January we made the decision to move #srocks19 to Brighton Hill Community School, Basingstoke. On visiting, there is a wonderful sense of camaraderie and “can do” attitude from everyone at the school. From IT, to finance, to Headteacher, Chris Edwards himself. The school have been nothing short of sensational. Friday 1.1.19 the school was closed due to snow. Starting before dawn, .... Read more and bookmark.

2 Feb ’19 5

I was wrong about Coaching (Part 6/7)

Untrained Coaching As a new Head Teacher, I read Jill Berry’s excellent book Making the Leap after I was appointed. It is much better before. There were competing priorities and I present then in no particular order purposefully: Building, organisational structure, transient and temporary staffing, safeguarding, identity and communications. I made mistakes. Some I was able to own, some I was .... Read more and bookmark.

2 Feb ’19 0

I was wrong about Coaching (part 5/7)

Coaching – a missed opportunity I joined The Wellington Academy in January 2013. Having joined thinking I was going to be the junior of three VPs, by the time I arrived I was the only VP and there were two Assistant Head teachers of sorts. The organisation ‘game’ was complex and it involved our sponsor, Wellington College. At this time, not only did not know the rules of engagement, I .... Read more and bookmark.

31 Jan ’19 0

Sounds interesting

Here is the premise: Classroom sound can be used to classify teaching practices in college science courses. Sounds interesting. Sound is interesting. Using teaching techniques beyond lecture, such as pair discussions and reflective writing, has been shown to boost student learning, but it is unknown what proportion of STEM faculty use these active-learning pedagogies. .... Read more and bookmark.

31 Jan ’19 0

I was wrong about Coaching (Part 4/7)

Coaching and Mentoring– might be for me At the introduction of the NPQML I was adamant that Coaching and Mentoring had to be defined, polarised, or one of the terms was not needed. In reflection, this clearly showed a lack of understanding and receptiveness to new ideas, at that time, on my part. It is not an either or, ‘but a when.’ From that course, to the mid point of the .... Read more and bookmark.

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