O' Blimey

O’blimey, the gloves are off. Obama’s attacks declining standards in education –  poor grades and poor teaching were identified. For US teachers, he backed performance-related pay, linked to results, and less protection for poor teachers. If a teacher is given a chance but still does not improve, there is no excuse for that person to continue teaching,” he said. ” .... Read more and bookmark.

11 Mar ’09 0

Then There were 5

Great news, are hard work, pestering and the arrival and deployment on NB100s has paid off. Today a futher five girls joing the DMGC and also the Digital Leader group. We have sorry very keen boys waiting in the wings but we had reserved a few additional places for the girls in College. In developing the Digital Leader group, I was surprised by how few girls joined originally. If you are .... Read more and bookmark.

11 Mar ’09 0

Arn'we impressed

Today, with one of our governors, network manager and vle coordinator I visited Arnewood School to learn about their Laptops for Learning scheme. I would sincerely like to thank David Conford for his welcome and openess and the to staff and students we met during the day. So lets put things in context; The Arnewood School is a popular 11-18 mixed comprehensive school of about 1200 students. It .... Read more and bookmark.

11 Mar ’09 1

Takeaway from Hampshire VLE Day

First I enjoyed the day, meeting with colleagues and sharing information. This has been extended this evening with a few Twitter connections too (mcntmgr, Lara_Young, alcrooks for example). I also made a couple of email colleagues 3D and was able to publically thank those indivuiduals that have supported me in my new role. So my takeaway messages 1. We need to consider a standardise filenaming .... Read more and bookmark.

9 Mar ’09 2

Hampshire VLE Day

In preparation for the Hampshire VLE day I have created two presentations. One investigating the startup processed I pursued at Hamble College in seeking our VLE and the second looking at how including students in CPD and strategic ICT policy can bring benefits to the school. In summarising the 1st presentation, the takeaway messages are uninspiring, dis-spiriting even, but after 12 months hard .... Read more and bookmark.

8 Mar ’09 0

Music is the Alive and CC

The audio interference during last weekends conversation was Spotify. A cross between iTunes and early Napster, Spotify allows you to access millions of free and legal music while sharing your taste. You don’t own the tracks or download them, you just listen online with adverts every 20minutes. Playlists smooth out the experience, ‘you never need pay for music again’ I heard .... Read more and bookmark.

6 Mar ’09 0