Utility Belt

I am again wondering if teaching ICT is the best way to educate our learners at Hamble College and the best way to seep ICT into learning. In the past two cover lessons I have been able to introduce a range of ICT tools that the students have, and will continue to benefit from. I was quiet surprised by their response if I am honest. My second thought is how do I share these resources .... Read more and bookmark.

14 May ’08 2

Help Desk

Currently we do not operate a help desk. Our IT office is exactly that, an office. Our staff do not really use the automated ICT reporting tab but its getting better. The question for me, is how best to provide an IT support service to both our staff and students? Young students banging on a windowless door is not the way to forward either. If there are any Network managers out there that have .... Read more and bookmark.

14 May ’08 0

Thinking Time

I am still battling to get high calibre staff to consider Hamble College. Having experienced employing a temporary member of staff that was unhappy and unmotivated at work, I am now more convinced that employment is a very key issue. Where do I seek out or develop my employing skills? Next, I am exhausting too much time revisiting numerous small tasks. I need to continue to address and focus .... Read more and bookmark.

7 May ’08 1

HIAS ICT Curriculum Support

This week I attended a curriculum support day organised by the Hampshire Information and Advisory Services. I was impressed by the venue, how knowledgeable and accommodating our course leader was and incidently, lunch was too shabby either. A summary of the information presented; first an overview of Functional Skills and the emphasis on mastery as opposed to competency assessment. In other .... Read more and bookmark.

3 May ’08 0

Animoto Hits the Spot

Now I must admit I have always like this mini web app. I used it to create short films for family, for CPD and for mini showcase films of student events. I plan to create my first feature length animoto of the Hamble College students talent that is LIVE tomorrow evening. I was pleased to read, in many different places, that Animoto is now free for educators. It’s a really easy web app to .... Read more and bookmark.

24 Apr ’08 0

Practicing What We Teach

The NEW curriculum states ‘explore the ways that ICT can be used to communicate, collaborate and share ideas on a global scale, allowing people to work together in new ways and changing the way in which knowledge is created.’ I am lucky to be able to work with an experienced ICT colleague and we have started to collaborate on the NEW curriculum. We have decided to try and .... Read more and bookmark.

20 Apr ’08 0