Achievement-wellbeing trade-off

New research shows that there is little correlation between pupil happiness and their grade performance. That conclusion may seem counterintuitive to educationalists, that said, the report was written by an economist. The reports position is that on average, traditional, teacher-centred methods are more effective from a learning perspective than the progressive ‘child-centred’ teaching .... Read more and bookmark.

16 Nov ’18 0

Leadership ladders

[Questioner] Where are you on the leadership ladder? [My response] Given my perspective on leadership – I am trying to be the ladder. .... Read more and bookmark.

6 Nov ’18 0

Times table – arise centurion

M names is Kristian and I am overly interested by time tables? I first taught Year 8 Maths to a low attaining set (5), as an experienced teacher (18 years) but novice Maths teacher with just two terms notice. I found it a fascinating experience. A few weeks into my first term, I watched the Maths world chiefs at loggerheads, debating the importance of times table automaticity vs maths times .... Read more and bookmark.

4 Nov ’18 1

Jury is out on differentiation

“Differentiation” is used to mean so many different things the term is effectively meaningless. Most are hard to do, take a lot more teacher time/effort and are unlikely to benefit students. There is my opening statement and I’d be interested in your thoughts. It is not actually mine, borrowed for the purpose of this enquiry. Let’s set aside the inherent, prescriptive and .... Read more and bookmark.

3 Nov ’18 0

Meet MARGE and the rest of the book

There really is little more I can say, other than to reiterate Tom Sherrington’s encouraging words to grab a copy of Arthur Shimamura free ebook A Whole-Brain Learning Approach for Students and Teachers. Consume it in a couple of hour or so, it is well worth your time. If you one have 10 minutes, read Chapter 1 – “Meet Marge,” just three pages. If you only have five .... Read more and bookmark.

28 Oct ’18 0

Communication – intent, delivery and language

We all have areas for professional improvement. I have been refining how / what I view communication to be, conversations in particular, and how we / I communicate at school for the past year as a developmental opportunity taken from my “Moving at the Speed of Trust” . Firstly, communication has become a very conscious and deliberate act. As has not engaging in .... Read more and bookmark.

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