Quest or IF

Quest or IF

Quest is an IF platform. IF or Interactive Fiction or Text Adventures is form of storytelling with threaded storyline options.

Go north.

Kill troll.

Kill troll with axe.

Quest lets you create text adventure games, or “interactive fiction”, that can be played anywhere. Your game can be played in a web browser, downloaded to a PC, or even turned into an iPhone, Windows or Android app, you can even play IF on the Kindle.

I have put up this page to share the resources and teaching ideas from a small but dedicated group of teachers exploring the use of Quest for literacy, both reading and writing, and introducing students to coding.


In addition to the Delicious stack, Youtube playlist and Twitter list there is the HOW TO videos (also on Youtube) and a teaching Dropbox folder however you need to get in contact and provide a school email to access these resources.




  1. Milly Spurgeon

    Hi Kristian!

    After a rather unsettled year working at a couple of schools, I have now bagged myself what I consider to be my dream job! Teaching small groups of underachieving year 7 pupils English and Maths at a truly inspirational school in Wimborne, Dorset.

    One of the fab things about this new role is that I have been given autonomy when it comes to the content and structure of the lessons. I met with the Head of English last term and he told me how much better these children had engaged in his lessons when he introduced them to an interactive fiction computer game that he had bought. It reminded me very much of what you have been doing with Quest! So I got thinking…

    I will be introducing 3 groups of children to Quest in the coming weeks. Each group is mixed gender and 6-7 pupils. Do you have any suggestions about how I might start this thing rolling?! Or shall I just let them play. I am planning on using Quest initially as a 10 minute starter or plenary task but can alter this if it is successful and they seem to be improving their literacy through doing it. Does Quest come with any assessment tools to see what level they are on the first use and to monitor how it improves?

    I will have a school email address from Monday but at the moment, please contact me on my gmail.

    Hope you are good.

    Milly 🙂

  2. Hi Kristian

    Now that the summer term has finished my attention is turning to next year and my plans to introduce Quest to Year 7 in September.

    Is there any possibility of me having a look at some of your resources so that I can have an idea as to how it is used in expert hands.


    Mr Jonathan Smith
    Portsmouth High School
    Kent Road

  3. Amanda Evans

    Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible for me to share Quest resources (more specifically ‘how to use’ ideas)?
    I am thinking of starting a lunchtime ‘Quest’ club, but I would also like to know/gain some ideas of how to use Quest successfully within lessons. Especially with a view to engaging more disaffected students!
    Thank you.

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