IF – Interview with Aaron Reed

Witnessing the return of Interactive Fiction (IF) to the gaming world has felt a little bit like waking up to find a Dodo on my front porch. I feel a simultaneous urge to inform to world about the discovery while also coming up with a proper breeding program. But I’m far too busy to be bothered. Instead, I’ve been enjoying the best of what modern Interactive Fiction has to offer.

Want an insight into an IF games designers thinking? Then take a look at this interview with Aaron Reed. Who, I should add, is so very supportive of the IF community.

One point I have taken from the interview, or point I questioned myself on is, why did I decide the gender for my player. In TIMESLIDE? I am going to head over to the file and leave an androgenous name and allow you to decided who they are?

Interview conducted by Jonathan Stark – thank you.

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