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If you have been following the story of Triptioc’s ‘Think Link’ you will know that David Riley very quickly created the core concept and every since has been responding to feedback and ideas from staff and students every since, all in his time. And with each new revision I took it back to the classroom for testing. Colour, text font and size, to snap into place or not to snap into place, live editing and of cause Mollie’s recommendation to add a notes feature. Well, the perhaps the last challenge is whether or not to lock groups of hex’s in place for moving them. The final dilemma spun out of a challenging conversation with the veritable James Michie (@jamesmichie)and David Didau (@learningspy). These gentlemen always keeping me focused, keep me pushing forward. The question – whether or not connections should indeed be limited to a fixed number, further more why six or even eight for example.

There was more to this conversation than shared here, with James and David there always it, but it certainly raises a key point for Think Link. That said, to date I have only experienced one debate whether 6 connections was challenged. Indeed the debate that ensured, which of the seven items deserved greater importance, was in fact the highlight of the lesson. The ‘unplanned’ debate most probably and affirmed the students understanding more than the originally task. But I fully coincide to James excellent observation. So, to the latest update. Think Link with notes and editable colour.

Now just for one last chance use. Harry our 3 year old asked to help me with this post. I said he could in just a moment. He replied with

Do you know how to spell me name? H – A – R – R – Y.

Looks like we are off to test Think Link as a spelling tool?

Harry’s verdict – ‘It was great.’

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