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Why Successive Relearning? Corrective Feedback with CRM (Part 3)

In part 2 we discussed the importance of classroom climate. That conversation moved to discussing “Corrective Feedback” with CRM as Ben Windsor @MrClassics3 moved to extend the deck, extend the breadth of knowledge he used CRM to deliver, and that he expected his learners to learn, know and remember. This conversation moved to discuss “How…
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6 Apr ’21 0
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“…more frequent, lower-stakes quizzes.” We have a idea.

You would think that in your attempts to harness the “testing effect” you could quite reasonably fall victim to the impairment of “test anxiety,” effects. The answer is relatively simple. More frequent, lower stakes quizzes retrieval. That – and control the spacing. Otherwise know as Successive Relearning. Silah et al., (2021) assess “how the quantity and…
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31 Mar ’21 0
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Extending the ‘testing effect’ to self-regulated learning

RememberMore (RM) is in development because or two things. One the powerful impact of retrieval and need to optimise the spacing the account for numerous learning cognitive biases that impede learning and retention. For just over a year now, we have been focusing on two tenets, optimising the direct benefits of Successive Relearning (retrieval practice…
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30 Mar ’21 0

Why Successive Relearning? Socrates was right! (Part 1)

It has been three weeks since Ben I started collaborating with RememberMore. It has been a fascinating, professionally rewarding, mainly digital, tennis conversation exchange, regarding the introduction of clasroom.remembermore.app and then RememberMore app to his classes. Conversations tend to bookend day, with the occasional highlights, successes or Eureka moments casually posted to posthumously return to…
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27 Mar ’21 0