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Improvement cycles – reports

For the most part as a senior leader, you find yourself driving that improvement; designing, consulting, implementing, monitoring, assessing, reflecting, refining… The move to headship has requires that you drive improvement however more often than not, you are not the lead. Take our recent improvement cycle to improve the consistency and quality of report writing. I was two…
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1 May ’18 0

Leaving the flight deck

Having a strategy, having a destination, is not enough. You need to have a timeline that shows when each of these steps will take place, and when each prototype will become more solid, should they prove successful. These tools enable the leadership to leave the flight deck, and let teachers, students, parents and other teams…
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1 Mar ’15 0

Reporting to parents

With just six reporting cycles under my belt at The Wellington Academy, this term saw the release of Progress Reports to all seven year groups, within days of the term coming to end. Reflecting back over this process, I hoped might just expedite the process for other school leaders, embarking on this very journey. Back in April…
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8 Mar ’14 0

Charts, sample size and labels

You know it’s been an exciting day when you get a post title like the one above and yet, I hope I might be able save my data colleagues some valuable time. Having written (and re-written and updated) my first governors report, I learnt the importance of labels, especially when converting data tables to charts and…
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20 Oct ’12 2

Data – tick the tick box

A derth of deadlines haunts many professional teachers. Leading on data means that I am not only subject to those deadlines, a set them those deadlines. In setting and managing those deadlines this terms, this is what I have learnt. The success of collecting school assessment data is dependent on many factors; the collection tool, communicating the…
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20 Oct ’12 0