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Clever vocab tricks

Short and to the point. I am thinking a lot about how to teach and pre-teach vocabulary. There is a lot of vocabulary to teach. Here is a nifty little Google Sheet that I designed to help prep vocabulary for RememberMore but it can be used independently of course. How to use Warnings first. Some…
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26 Jul ’21 0

Marge and success

Marge or rather MARGE has perked her head up again on Twitter. Arthur Shimamura’s acronym for five principles of efficient learning: Motivate, Attend, Relate, Generate, Evaluate. The MARGE mnemonic techniques puts forward “A Whole-Brain Learning Approach for Students and Teachers” to improve student learning. That led to an online conversation on Motivation. As presented by MARGE,…
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27 May ’21 1

What if learners arrived to our classrooms with X substantive knowledge?

This is just an idea, a proposal, an idea incubating, at that. I have been thinking about the notion for a little while and shared it with a few trusted educator colleagues. There are upsides and downsides however I would be interested in discussing this idea with any school or group of schools that would…
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15 May ’21 0
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Why Rawson et al., (2013) – Successive relearning

Successive Relearning – Successive Relearning* – During initial learning, engaging in retrieval practice with restudy until all items have been learned to criterion (with RememberMore that is three consecutive i.e., correctly recalled responses.) Then, in one or more subsequent sessions, students engage in additional retrieval practice with restudy until all items are successfully relearned (i.e.,…
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10 Apr ’21 0

4 weeks dark

Four weeks dark – most likely the longest blog break I have taken in thirteen the years I have been putting down my thoughts on paper. Two significant tasks took priority, renovating our home on a very tight budget whilst looking after three children and readying RememberMore for the start of term (for me and…
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6 Sep ’20 0