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Quick Key Geography

As we move to a Kay Stage 3 curriculum without levels, teachers across the land are devising learning “journeys” with appropriate assessment activities. Complete with… …lessons rich in assessment opportunities in the short term that progressively build towards agreed standards. Meanwhile, back at the rockface, together with a handful of staff at The Wellington Academy we have  been looking…
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16 Apr ’15 0

MCQs get a mention from…

MCQs get a mention in Glenys Stacey’s speech at the recent Westminster Education Forum A Level Reform event. We also found differences in assessment [comparable international qualifications], for example, the more prevalent use of sophisticated multiple choice items in assessment elsewhere. Here we find multiple choice less attractive, and associate it with lower demand –…
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23 Nov ’14 0

We do not need another ‘how to write effective MCQs’

As I wrote previously, there are five million hits on ‘how to write effective MCQs.’ We do not need another ‘how to’ post – of that I am sure and yet that is almost what I am about to do. Only a slight side step – here are a few, more general and hopefully thought…
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25 Oct ’14 0

There is more to MCQs than you think

I have been growing more interested in Multiple-choice Questions or (MCQs). It started off as a QuickKey interest but it has become much more than that. If I thought I might be a edugeek, this pretty much confirms it. An unhealthy interest in assessment and MCQs is unlikely to make me a highly sought after dinner guest.…
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24 Oct ’14 3

Knowing that you don’t know something

Each exam boards provides a variety of exams analysis tools that help teachers identify the questions / topics / skills in which students excelled/fell short in.  These tools also provide valuable comparative information on the performance of your students / classes / cohorts on individual questions when compared to AQA/Edexcel/OCR/WJEC national averages. Unfortunately, much like an autopsy, this information is of little benefit to…
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12 Oct ’14 0


QuickKey marks up to thirty multiple choice questions in a “beep.”  Okay, I exaggerate, in just under three seconds (in good light). Their strap line could be ‘Quiz. Scan. Analyse.’ Upload a class list (csv import). Create the class. Design the quiz, or rather simply denote the answer key via the QuickKey dashboard. Assign the…
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2 Oct ’14 2