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Preloaded QuickKey answer sheets

It is been a while – but then again, I’ve been busy. Senior leader responsibilities take up the lion’s share of my work time, however teaching Maths has been a real highlight for me, with a fair few frustrations too through in there too. With more concrete knowledge / assessment in Maths than in English or PE, I have…
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3 Feb ’16 0

Quick Key

Planning what we are going to assess, rather than how we are going to assess has taken up the lion’s share of my time. The sheer weight of curriculum reform has done little to alleviate teacher workload. One reason we are continuing our work with Quick Key and pursuing our interest in diagnostic questioning. It was therefore…
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20 Jul ’15 0

How small, too small?

Our investigations with Quick Key mobile app scanning continues. Our confidence in the app is growing, our site licence fee paid. We will soon be ready to collaborate. Quick Key enhancements ideas are coming forward and our question design discussions are taxing and stimulating in equal measure. In the previous post I mentioned that we going to investigate…
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20 May ’15 0

Micro Quick Ticket

We are really moving with our Quick Key projects. 6 departments are now quizzing and scanning assessments. Two departments are racing ahead, Geography and MFL. Geography are preparing their first whole year assessment, as a precursor to their baseline assessment for next September. MFL are translating their homework grammar booklets to MCQs with embedded Quick…
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16 May ’15 0

Quick Key – Assessment in September

With our Key Stage 3 Assessment Outcomes reverse engineered from Key Stage 4 Assess Outcomes we have gone onto designing our long-term plans or progression grids for “Assessment Without Levels.” A number of our Curriculum and Subject Leaders are now focusing their efforts on outlining their assessment protocol. Now, the early and innovative work of a handful of teachers within the…
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11 May ’15 0

Quick Key responses

Our Quick Key teachers team at The Wellington Academy is growing. We are now four, hoping to attract members from all nine curriculum areas. Our successes (insightful feedback for pupils, delivery feedback for teachers) and reclaimed marking time appear attractive motivators for our staff to get involved. This coincides with “Assessment Without Levels” (AWL) and our intention to ensure…
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22 Apr ’15 0