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Year 8 taste Interactive Fiction

I have been chatting through the potential of Quest in schools, particularly Key Stage 3, to develop both ICT and literacy curriculum interest. Allen Heard, a self confessed old skool adventurer, and took up the challenge with gusto. Not just playing, but writing interactive fiction as well. His zombie horrow ‘Escape from Byron Bay,’ was certinaly…
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29 Feb ’12 0

Hat Tip to Dannii

Every once in a while you will see a blog post entitle ‘Why I blog.’ Reflection and conversation feature highly in these types of posts. Today, I replied to Dannii’s 2nd comment on Quest Rapid Fire. Dannii has been fantastically supportive and informative as well as challenging and opening up lines of investigation. This is…
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26 Feb ’12 2

Quest – Rapid Fire Ideas

Learning never exhausts the mind. Leonardo da Vinci Working online with Allen Heard means there is no respite. Its keep up or give in. Move aside, step down. Conversation is now via Twitter but most weeks over the phone. Some conversation work so much faster in dialogue. This afternoon we decided to try and write…
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23 Feb ’12 7

Tick Tock Clock for Quest

Following on from Byron Bay, the students have been competing against one another. They set the challenge by how fast you could escape the game. In an effort to create an official timer – I used the in built time function of Quest and displayed them as a status attribute. Of course, health and score will…
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23 Feb ’12 0

Students Escape from Bryon Bay

The #Quest community is growing. The Twitter list is expanding, the ideas between education collaborators is being tested and refined. It was a priviledge to support @MrAHeard through his first game. I must admit he was able to bring a level of coding / logistics to game creation that I do not yet possess, but I was…
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22 Feb ’12 0

ipadio: Quest Coders of the Quest

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