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Triptico Magnet Poetry

Today I used Coldplay’s Paradise and Triptico’s Word Magnets to stimulate a creative poetry activity. You can decide how to use the activity, I will share how I prepared it in less than ten minutes. Triptico is definitely quick, easy and the activity certainly caught the students attention. Simply copy the song lyrics from one…
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20 Mar ’12 5

Mashup Poetry

The Ballad of Charlotte Dymond was our focus for 2 weeks. We read, watched and storyboard the poem, with a collection of staged photographs taken by the students available for students to use on the VLE. Over half term, the students were given the opportunity to use Pimpampum to create a mashup of the just…
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1 Mar ’11 0

When to Abandon Lessons Plans

The 7a to Hillsborough The first lesson of a new scheme of work. A shiny new Year 7 Scheme of Work and  new topic, Narrative Poetry. We had organised a few students transfers and it was on with the work. Incidentally, as a result of the transfers, (2 girls moving up to 7a2, with 1…
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9 Jan ’11 0