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The start is the wrong place to begin

Having summarised the lockdown learning dilemma we are experiencing now, my attention turned to the DfE’s “tech giants” and EdTech Demonstrators Programme what tomorrow may look like. So part II of Learning in lockdown so to speak. Whilst I am a edtech enthusiast, I do not see a post-lockdown edtech revolution. “Two years growth in two…
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1 May ’20 0

Learning in lockdown

Learning in lockdown: The Goldilocks dilemma of too much, too little home learning. Getting it just right for each individual Goldilocks is practically impossible. I will explain why briefly, before looking at some of the opportunities (as did Jose Picardo here) and constraints of learning in lockdown. Goldilocks Still (our surname) Here is “Goldilocks Still’s”…
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30 Apr ’20 0