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Elaborative questioning and CRM (Part 5)

In Part 4 of this post, together with Ben Windsor @MrClassics3 we discussed the importance of the corrective feedback stage of using RememberMore’s Classroom (CRM) function in practicality. Read it here. The feedback stage of the RememberMore protocol closes the loop and allows a new one to be opened. As with the routines at the beginning…
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Why Successive Relearning? Corrective Feedback with CRM (Part 4)

In part 2 (read it here) Ben and I discussed the importance of classroom climate in facilitating CRM and getting the greatest effects. The prequel this post, or part 3 (read it here) we spoke about preserving the Deadpool effect when increasing the difficulty when using RememberMore, such as widening the question pool. If you have been…
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Reducing a Teachers’ Cognitive Load

Yesterday, I was listening to Doug Lemov’s return on Craig Barton’s podcast. During the later parts of their conversation, Craig and Doug waltz graciously through the issue of a teacher’s Cognitive Load, twice. Once when discussing “worked examples” and soon after, when discussing “lesson preparation” (as opposed to lesson planning,) a new strategy included in…
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Why Successive Relearning? Capturing the climate shift? (Part 2)

This is “Part 2” in a short series of posts exploring the introduction of Successive Relearning (both CRM and the now the RM app) with Ben Windsor aka @MrClassics3. In fact, it would be fair to say that I am merely piggie backing his reflections and insights. As per “Why Successive Relearning? Socrates was right!…
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48,478 students’ data from 222 studies and 573 effects – Testing Effect (II)

Yang et al., (2021) published their meta analysis just this week. The first post in this series looked at the broad point of ecological validity of testing research, both backward and forward testing effects concluding with the main finding. The current metaanalysis finds a reliable advantage of testing over other strategies in facilitating learning of…
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RememberMore – Match Mode

Back to school. Back at the coal face. Another fruitful week working on Remembermore and with various curriculum experts and colleagues. What is new? Classroom.remembermore.app – individual decks now have their own URL. Here is a direct link to KS3 Eng Romeo Juliet. New decks GCSE Eng Animal Farm and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde,…
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