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What if learners arrived to our classrooms with X substantive knowledge?

This is just an idea, a proposal, an idea incubating, at that. I have been thinking about the notion for a little while and shared it with a few trusted educator colleagues. There are upsides and downsides however I would be interested in discussing this idea with any school or group of schools that would…
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15 May ’21 0


Promoting positivity on social media, a number of posts, memes, broadcasts trickle past on my timeline. Here is one such post worth sharing on teamwork with practical reflections. Teamwork A teacher brought balloons to school and asked the children to blow them all up and then each write their names on their balloon. Balloons, permanent…
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22 Mar ’20 0

First lesson, new class

Early August States side, mid August, UK side, exam results aside, teachers are focusing on first lesson back with the new class. Where to start, what routines to establish. PGCE students are looking for a steer, established teachers looking for some fresh ideas and awarding teachers are pitching in. Please DO NOT go through rules…
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15 Aug ’18 0

Half baked ideas

As I have said, Southern Rocks 2018 ate my homework spare time. My Feedly account was ladened with unread posts (circa 200). I had largely ignored this blog. I had initially thought that my own personal professional learning had, perhaps, stalled. Two weeks on and I am reconsidering that view. A number of professional conversations…
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15 Feb ’18 0


When everything else falls away, what sticks with you? Succes? No, it is not a basic spelling mistake, (although I have had a few of those in recent posts) but the sticky, Chip and Dan Heath, mnemonic that outlines how ideas (or good lessons) become memorable. Sticky lessons are: Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, Emotional, and told with a good Story.…
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14 Feb ’13 0

Spoonful of ideas

Two topics and thirty minutes on a Sunday evening with #SLTchat provides more than a spoonful of ideas. SImply, tweeters vote up top two topics which are then thrown to the wolves. You can, of course, follow the hashtag live or catch up via the archive Storify.com/SLTchat. Why not drop in? Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some…
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2 Dec ’12 0