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Get Soundtrap’d

The challenge: Getting students access to the reading texts – remotely. (In this case a hard copy play of Oliver Twist.) Sub challenge: Supporting our students inference and understanding of the narrative. Plus some trick colloquialisms and Dickensian references. Like many teachers we provided both often provide both reading and audio versions (see Remotely Shakespeare).…
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24 Jan ’21 0

DIY scratch cards

Such a simple and fun idea from @missbligh_y3 it was worthy capturing and sharing. DIY scratch cards made with a template, laminated, with a scratch-patch sticker from Amazon.  Rewards including achievement points, sitting with friends, golden time, cushion for the day. Fairly basic but they love it. I am sure they do! In the spirit…
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25 Apr ’20 0

A pound of performance

In for a penny, in for a pound, here is an opportunity for learners to think, innovative, be creative, collaborate, or not, present and exhibit, and tell a story. Let me present the concept and let’s see where we can take it. With no small attribution to Sir Ken Robinson’s 2006 Ted Talk – Schools…
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31 Mar ’19 0

Great quotes about Learning and Change Pool

Great quotes about Learning and Change Pool is a great resources for any teacher, educator, parent, but particularly those that like quotes that challenge and inspire (or indeed both). I subscribe to the Flickr feed, so updates / posters get delivered to my reader without any effort what’s so ever. Free inspiration almost daily. These…
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29 Oct ’10 0


Its this simple. Be creative. Dive in and experiment. Once you have played, yhen learn ‘how’ by using flame. If I leave you with minimal information will you investigate? When you have created your work, email me and I post you efforts here. One of my gallery favourites, Fleur by S Pesavento; Posted with respect.

7 Mar ’10 0