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Wood, trees, fishes and boxes

On the topic of analysis. David Didau has been discussing the processes for teaching analysis skills. If your students have not been PEE, PEED, to within an inch of their literacy lives, maybe they have been TEPE’d to death? Maybe it is worth considering led on the idea of zooming in and out. By the…
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5 Nov ’13 0

Driven by data – Analysis

Before I spend my time writing this post, and possibly a handful of colleagues invest their time reading this post, I need to point that my colleagues and I have not yet finished Step 1 of a Data Driven Leadership approach. We have set out and published our data cycling calendar (back in July). We…
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21 Sep ’13 1

Exams analysis – revising the curriculum

It has been a very busy two days. Presentations, meetings, department time, emergencies, emails, data preparation and a serious sprinkle of reality, reviewing our students reading abilities. To be “functionally” literate you need to have a reading age of 11.  This lead me to explore the reading age of GCSE exam paper, 15 years and…
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3 Sep ’13 1

Pivot Tables

12 months ago I was shown pivot tables in Excel 2007. I was very impressed but I think I only had one real purpose to use them, when analysing ICT OCR National results. In all honesty, with just 4 grades (D, M, P, Working Towards WT), a fantastic ‘shared’ grades database written by a colleague,…
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16 Jan ’11 0