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Self assessment with NAPE

A teacher (at least I think it was a teacher) posted a photo of an AFL poster on Twitter. You ‘like’ it, so you save it, store it, bookmark it, tag or flag it. Sadly, far too often one’s cup over floweth with good ideas and opportunity goes begging in a sea of shinny good teaching…
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27 Mar ’13 4

Proving pupil progress, testing the learning temperature

Being able to prove that pupil are making progress in our lessons has been a focus on our professional development at our school for most of this year. In my mind, it is one the most important things we need to be able to do well as teachers, not only for that lone professional assertively clasping a well…
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13 Jun ’12 3

Forgotten Forms

AFL Radio Buttons and Drop Downs – the forgotten forms – and the time to write a post! The much maligned ‘Assessment for Learning.’ Every student is expected to reflect on their learning and take responsibility for the quality of their work within out Department. To increase learner responsibility with 16-19 years was challenging, but…
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23 Dec ’09 0