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English as a practical subject

The conversation on and around David Didua’s blog helps me develop and reflect on my practice as a non-specialist English teacher. In fairness, the whole experience of teaching a third subject has been both invigorating and challenging; that’s why engaging with subject specific conversation has been so very important for me (and for my students).…
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4 Nov ’12 6

Marking books, assessments and mistakes

I have been marking this morning. Marking students work always teaches me something about my teaching, something about my students, and almost always leaves me mulling over the process and relationships involved learning and teaching. Having started the class with ‘Who I Am*’ a funky worksheet, I have already learnt an awful lot about my students, very…
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9 Sep ’12 2

Brandon Generator waiting for Ep2

I wrote about this fantastic transmedia website for IE9 a couple of weeks ago. The students really seemed to enjoy it too and the writing task inherent within the website certainly challenged my class. In all honesty, it may have been just beyond their grasp, the content a little too abstract, but they had a…
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20 May ’12 0


Grit may be as essential as talent to high accomplishment. Angela Duckworth Whilst listening to an RSA podcast on creativity the keynote speaker sign posted the work of Angela Duckworth and her investigations into adherence or ‘grit.’ I added a post-it note to my monitor and focused on my todo list. Three days later I started…
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4 May ’12 0

Talent AND determination

If your are talented. But talent alone wont do it. You got to have determination as well as the talent. But I didnt have the talent, I had the determination. But sometimes determination out weighs the talent. Frank Bruno I don’t think there is any more qualified to make that statement than Frank Bruno. It…
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20 Apr ’12 0

Pupils learn how to ‘fail well’

I have a somewhat fickle relationship with failure. Both personally and professionally. Personally in that I understand embrace it within my own value system. I see its value in my own achievements. I routinely try out new ‘things’ in my classroom and openly tell the students “that I need your help as I do not know if…
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5 Feb ’12 0