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Should teachers tweet? Social media and education.

The SSATs opening question (above) was then expanded to include a review of the use of social media technologies In the classroom For school management and parental engagement For professional development We were advised to write ‘a number of concise paragraphs, perhaps one on each use of social media mentioned above??’ Which, in writing this…
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1 Sep ’10 0

Adding Struggle to Learning

I am very proud of myself this morning. After 6 days of perservence, forum reading and trial and error learning, I finally managed to get a new experimental Delicious  (online bookmarking) feature to work – blog posting. Basically information stored in your Delicious account is auto-posted to your blog at a set time. Only I don’t think that…
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16 Aug ’10 0

Education Like Flying

Going to school now is like being in an airplane. You sit down. You have to put all of your trust and confidence in somebody at the front you don’t really know and turn off all your electronic devices. Martin Bean Let provides you with an example is visual presentation. I like inspirational quotes, readings, proverbs and assemblies and so…
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3 Aug ’10 0

White Screen of Death

Sorry to anyone that tried to find this blog over the past few days only to find a white screen. If you bothered to revisit, thank you. Also, a sincere thank you to @Moodledan for providing the expert ‘know how’ to recover my blog. What happened? In trying to install and review new themes, one of…
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One to share with the students

If you are not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.

11 Jul ’08 0