Motion Tool

I am not easily impressed by the visual frills, but I do remember the passion and expertise with which Hans Rosling presented at TED and Trendalyzer, the visualisation tool he used to enliven his presentation. … I also faintly remember Trendalyzer being acquired Google somewhere in my distant memory….. and then I duly forgot about…
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18 Apr ’08 1

26.5 Hours a Day

I have squeeze a lot into today; reading my RSS feeds and sharing the best with my most immediate colleagues, tagging for those a few clicks away, browsing one or two selected websites. Listening to, (watching) and syncing my podcasts (most positioned for later listening). I emailed a little, talked or rather ‘Skyped,’ I caught…
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17 Apr ’08 0

Dont Water the Rocks

[kml_flashembed movie=”″ width=”150″ height=”200″ wmode=”transparent” /] Its been a long tough term and I thought I would summarise the journey so far using the web tool, voki . A very simple, easy to create animated character very popular with MFL teachers. I have used the Voki website for a range of short presentation before, so heres…
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6 Apr ’08 0

Online Media

A number of staff have asked about showing online media in their classroom and sadly, many of the sites they use personally are filtered here in educationland and sadly I dont have time to support them individually, so here is my online response. In addition to watching online media you can store, ‘grab’ or convert files that you may…
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1 Apr ’08 0

Trying Out AuthorStream

Just recently, I have been introduced to a number of PowerPoint to flash tools. iSpring Pro is FREE and converts PowerPoint to Flash. Net and simply add that option to Powerpoint itself.However, having used and liked the very reliable Slideshare, AuthorStream grabbed my attention as it allows you to export to share on YouTube (automatically…
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30 Mar ’08 1

What Interest Students

Friday afternoon, two talented, socialable and engaging male students choose to disengage from class. It would be easy to excuse their behaviour as “last lesson of the weekitis” or to attribute their behavious to the slightly dull topic of databases or to blame the situation that they are “boys.” However I am in the business of finding solutions, of working with young people,…
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29 Mar ’08 0