What if we could learners arrived to our classrooms with X substantive knowledge?

This is just an idea. An incubating idea at that. I have been thinking about it for a little while and shared it with a few trusted educator colleagues. There are, like many ideas, upsides and downsides however I would be interested in discussing this idea with any school or group of schools, that would consider helping to incubate, innovate and possibly implement this idea or concept. What if .... Read more and bookmark.

15 May ’21 0
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Why RememberMore builds a better curriculum

Year 7 The Declaration. Year 8 Hound of the Baskervilles (HoB). I have been building the RememberMore decks for both texts as I teach. The Declaration is a brand new deck (having read the book last year) and I am revisiting and updating an old Retrieval Roulette HoB set of prompts (Hat tip to Adam Boxer @adamboxer1). Here is what I have learnt from building both deck experiences. From both .... Read more and bookmark.

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From retrieval towards Successive Relearning

This way… Retrieval practice as a teaching and learning strategy swiftly replaced “the testing effect.” From what I witnessed, retrieval practice was initially positioned as a revision strategy, it is now a prevalent teaching, and learning, strategy. I say “now,” that evolution has taken more than ten years. “The benefit of retrieval practice is one of the .... Read more and bookmark.

1 May ’21 0

Your metaphorical world

It has been a constructive week professionally, conversationally and reflectively. Some valuable conversations, and a little gratitude to share with some valuable people, in those conversations. In these conversations, I found myself adopting Clean Language and even calling myself out, as using Clean Language, to facilitate some of these conversations. It ended with a timely reminder, with Judy .... Read more and bookmark.

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RememberMore App in the wild

For those of you who know about the development of RememberMore (RM) – this summer term (2021) marked a significant milestone for our edventure. It marked the availability of the RM app via the app stores to schools, educators and learners, extending and optimising the reach and impact of Successive Relearning and (CRM), ahead of the new term. CRM currenly .... Read more and bookmark.

26 Apr ’21 0

Opening with RememberMore

One of the key benefits of working on RememberMore on two fronts, as developer and practitioner, is that the hands on delivery experience is just so insightful in designing and building the (CRM), platform and RM app. So what is new this term or cycle as we see it. My sixth cycle or start of term with retrieval practice, my third cycle with CRM, my first cycle with .... Read more and bookmark.

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