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Free SSP* Resources

Two weeks reading, researching and learning about Systematic Synthetic Phonics can be explored searching the blog for the SSP. Overdosed on Alphablocks I went on to create a cluster of reusable, flexible free resources that launch across a range of Triptico resources – following the DfE’s Letters and Sounds principles. Just add imagination – free to use Download Triptico and .... Read more and bookmark.

18 Apr ’20 0

SSP and other strategies

The ACE/CIS “Phonics in context is not enough” provided a very real and practitioners led overview of the debate. The Q and A here, closed with a spurning conclusion: “Explicit and systematic” is mandatory, “significant and relevant” is even more important. With SSP labelled the ‘prime approach’ (Rose 2006) what / where is the “significant and relevant” .... Read more and bookmark.

14 Apr ’20 0

Google smorgasbord

The top three recommendations, I think may surprise you. These start at the root of your Google experience. Your account. My account Account management Let’s get at the root of your Google Account setting (personal). Know what information is visible. Check through your the security settings and verification and recovery methods. For the time you find yourself locked out or need to get .... Read more and bookmark.

30 May ’20 0

Phonics Tripti-Codes

Two weeks reading and learning about Systematic Synthetic Phonics, most of today has been set aside for building Triptico resources. I have started with Phase 2, letters and sounds, and GPC Sets 1-5 and High Frequency Words. All “public,” all tagged with at least “SSP,” by “phase” and “set.” One single yellow band at the bottom of the tile .... Read more and bookmark.

15 Apr ’20 0

Phonics project – more steps

Previously I made a commitment to take smaller, slower steps in investigating Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP). I returned more than a few times to that original post, adding snippets of learning here and there. The post ended up being rather long, so I started this second post, Phonics project – more steps. The more I read about (SSP), the more I see this as a debate of instruction. .... Read more and bookmark.

13 Apr ’20 0

Phonics project – satp and signing

In researching SSP and seeing our youngest sign his the letter sounds there is clearly an opportunity to pair the letter or digraph (text) / with images, sound-signs / action or ‘sound personalities.’ (We have gone with a fox). I have read that younger pupils (and parents) often have difficulties letting go of the letters and just concentrating on the sounds. Therefore, signing the .... Read more and bookmark.

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