Clever vocab tricks


Clever vocab tricks

26 Jul ’21 Teaching 0

Short and to the point. I am thinking a lot about how to teach and pre-teach vocabulary. There is a lot of vocabulary to teach. Here is a nifty little Google Sheet that I designed to help prep vocabulary for RememberMore but it can be used independently of course.

How to use

Warnings first. Some words have more than one use case. You will need to check before accepting both the definition and word class. Second, the sheet makes calls to – too many calls at once and Merriam Webster will delay your progress.

  • Simply paste you vocab in the light blue column (limited to 10 words, or 30 calls, 10 x definition, class and phonetic spelling).
  • The sheet presents the outputs in the grey cells, in the RememberMore card format.
  • Some words have no metadata and return an error – #N/A: Check the website manually or delete the #N/A – replacing the formula next time.
  • Add Notes if you wish – eg “Pray and Prayer are commonly confused.”
  • Copy the grey cells. Paste special or SHIFT+CTRL+V into your destination Sheet or file. Important the file into RememberMore.

Such a time saver. You should be able to click the link and via FILE and “Make a copy.” If you want to present vocabulary for pre-teaching or teaching in class, know you can use ‘Classroom’ if you like. The example on the sheet: The Dirty Thirty. The 30 most misspelled words at GCSE, open, fast, flexible and free – is shown below.

Use the Q/A mode for learning and A/Q mode for the spelling quiz.

The Dirty Thirty: The 30 most misspelled words at GCSE, open, fast, flexible and free.


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