Seeking partnership


Seeking partnership

15 Nov ’20 RememberMore 0
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RememberMore is an agile, three part, integrated and adaptive Spaced Retrieval Practice learning system that uses cognitive science principles to accelerate the learners’ time to competency and knowledge mastery, and help learners retain that knowledge for longer.

We are looking to partner with a school or trust – looking to improve student outcomes whilst at the same time reduce teacher workload. We also believe we can help you reduce your photocopying bill.

We also also looking for a HE, FE, university or training provider to partner with. This time to improve the way your students or learners study.

Why Spaced Retrieval Practice?

“The benefit of retrieval practice is one of the most robust findings in cognitive psychology,” Roediger & Karpicke, (2006); Storm, Bjork & Storm (2010).

Retrieval Practice alone can provide improved recall performance by as much as 10-20%. When combined with Spaced Retrieval, the effect is multiplied (Dobson, 2013).

So you know who we are. You know why we need partners.

Next: How. is an open, fast, flexible and free* ‘Spaced Retrieval Practice’ service for busy educators ☕👍 and determined students 😁. It is supported by a range of tried and tested classroom routines for educators to explore and adapt.

Now for the more interesting part.

RememberMore Apps employs the same content, and makes it mobile, adaptive and learning more powerful. The app also includes learning insights, performance and progress feedback and a rewards system. presents the metrics and insights generated by the app, that educators can use to support learners and adapt their teaching.

Developing RememberMore

Whilst we have been curating high quality retrieval prompts for the RememberMore system (and thank you to all those teachers that have contributed), and testing various routines, we have also been developing RememberMore products and integration.

Where are we now?

CRM and RM – combine as MySchool RememberMore. A bespoke solution, which essentially enables any school or group of schools, to have a fully integrated (collaborative), fast, flexible, retrieval practice platform for teaching, extended and accelerated by an adaptive Space Retrieval Practice app (including learning insights, performance and progress feedback and rewards), delivering a combination of proprietary or centred created content.

More than meeting our long standing aim to “improve student outcome whilst at the same time, reduce teacher workload.” 

We are actively seeking school partners. If you want to be able to further support self-isolating students, support all students, support mock revision, save money on photocopying and reduce teacher workload, or are looking to support a move towards research informed teaching, we would love to hear from you.

Second, we have taken that same concept and have built MyRememberMore. MyRememberMore has been built for learners, where the best person to design and write the content is, the learner.

We are actively seeking FE, HE, University or training provider partners who might light to explore how Spaced Retrieval Practice can be prompted to improve the way your students or learners study.


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