Phonics project – satp for free


Phonics project – satp for free

11 Apr ’20 Teaching 0

With a commitment to smaller, slower steps, I am starting with just sounds and simple words for Phase 2, Set 1 (s, a, t, p). We are also looking at the format and presentation of the sounds. For now, these lists and therefore resources, are in draft, but freely available.

Free icon "Snake icon"

Signs / actions and images will follow when I look at two column lists.

Sign / actions: “Draw hand in an s shape, like a snake, and say ssssss.”

Triptico Lists

From a very simple list (s, a, t, p and words s i t, s a p, s a t, a t, t a p, p a t,) either typed in, or using the “Import Data” option, pasted in.

Tripti-Code 1485

Triptico launches the list in a range of resources:

All these very simple Triptico lists-resources could be used for a range of phonic and teaching tasks, high frequency words or any words list for that matter.

Here is the High Frequency List – created in seconds, pasted in via the Import Data option.

Tripti-Code 1485

Using a slightly longer list (12+ items), gives you the option of a handful of quizzing tool too. It is up to you how you use your lists in Triptico. Just add imagination.

Both lists, all these lists / resources are available for free. Download Triptico and use the Tripti-Codes 1485 and 1486.

In the next post, I will take a look at creating and using two column lists, text and text, and text and image.

NB – As for blending sounds and making word. I created a slightly longer list (s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d) and launched it in magnets. Launch in Word Magnets. Use a provided background template and colour coded the magnets. Done in less than 2 minutes.


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