Parents are partners – The importance of sleep


Parents are partners – The importance of sleep

26 Oct ’19 #Success 0

Being a parent of a Secondary student for the first time this term, has been an insightful experience for me as a teacher. Like many parents we are experiencing new parenting duties, sometimes less responsibility, sometimes more, conundrums and dilemmas. Do we intervene? Do we let him learn the hard way? With the four most discussed school-home topics; homework, lost/ misplaced items, school lunches and getting wet PE uniform to the wash bin. Outside of those topics, the value of getting a good night’s sleep has always been a topic of conversation. And as our son grows up, he is looking to have a greater influence over the conditions of that conversation.

Sleep is a topic that has been heavily researched, coupled with the consequences of hyper-connectivity (mobile devices, games consoles, televisions and wifi), this conversation has evolved into a critical parenting duty. Having the summary information at hand, can only be useful and forearming. Hence I wrote a short ‘Parents as partners’ article for our school parents that you are welcome to use and adapt as you see fit.

Can parents or schools ignore the well documented and researched benefits of effective sleep management? Improved attention, consolidation of learning, connecting ideas and well-being… leading to improve students outcomes.


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