Small gestures really make a difference


Small gestures really make a difference

24 Dec ’18 Teaching 0

It is Christmas eve. We are soon to head out for “breakfast with Santa,” with our Southampton family / in-laws and the morning post has just arrived…

It has been a very tough and wonderful weekend. Yesterday we visited my extended family in Eastbourne. It was great for all the children to get together, as they do. It is great to sit around a big table, to talk and catch up, to hears the family updates. Regretfully, we had to wait until early evening to see Grandad Muddle.

Despite chemo this week and four hours of dialysis on the day, he insisted on attending. He managed only an hour and only half a brownie but having him home for Christmas was a gift in itself. The need for a walking stick a marker for me.

Three children asleep in the back of the car, I had an eighty minute drive to reflect. I am not going to lie – Christmas can be uniquely, beautifully tough (I am sure not just for me and for many.)

As I said, we were gearing up for “breakfast with Santa” and I was feeling a little emotionally weary from yesterday, when the post arrived. It included a card and message via Pearson Thank a Teacher – send a card campaign.

Thank you for being brave enough to show and share with me the areas of my leadership that have room for improvement.

What a tonic. Small gestures really do make a difference. I hope the teacher knows how much that meant to me.

Thank you Pearson.


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