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Small gestures really make a difference

It is Christmas eve. We are soon to head out for “breakfast with Santa,” with our Southampton family / in-laws and the morning post has just arrived… It has been a very tough and wonderful weekend. Yesterday we visited my extended family in Eastbourne. It was great for all the children to get together, as they…
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24 Dec ’18 0

More stars – more recognition

Twice in recent weeks I have heard and reflected on the term “discretionary effort.” First at @KevBartle challenging and galvanising leadership session at #TLT15 and second whilst considering the potential pitfalls of appraisals. The first post is here. Discretionary effort is invaluable to any organisation and can so easily go unnoticed. It is by it’s very nature so often unseen and that…
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23 Oct ’15 0

Stars – staff recognition

Recognising and acknowledging the discretionary effort staff put into an organisation should be far simpler than it is. It is, in truth, a psychological minefield, a potential pot-hole, if not thoroughly thought through and by that I mean at least seven things. I know it seems a lot. The action – how1 and who2 and…
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8 Jan ’15 0