300 words at a time


300 words at a time

20 Aug ’18 Leadership 0

I can not tell you how long Dan Rockwell’s short posts have been appearing in my feed reader. It was before July 1st 2013, because that was the date Google officially put Google Reader out to pasture and he was with me back then.

Dan’s output is incredible, even if you take into account that they are “just 300 words at a time,” daily posts on any subject is some going. I dip in here and there, I share a few and forward a few on for a specific message resonating with a specific colleagues talents or areas for development. As far as I am aware, no one has felt overwhelmed, after all, they are just 300 words.

Occasionally, I bookmark a few for myself, like SEEK OPENNESS – NOT TRANSPARENCY. I have decided that what these bookmarked Leadership Freak posts have in common is that they get me to consider quite subtle, delicate even, leadership viewpoints.

Transparency is a cardinal value of traditional management culture. Yet, transparency is distinct from the social interaction concept of openness.

Trust is built through mutual openness instead of transparency. – Edgar and Peter Schein

As a result I will follow up and find out a little more about MIT Professor Emeritus Edgar Schein and add Humble Leadership: The Power of Relationships, Openness, and Trust to my ever growing booklist. As ever, thank you Dan.


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