Returned with interest


Returned with interest

13 May ’15 Teaching 0

It is no secret, I am a fan of TripticoPlus. It really does inspire “Imaginative Teachers.” We put our money where our mouth is and pay for the subscription for any staff member at The Wellington Academy that wants one, many do. More staff recently, now that you can share resources with your colleagues. Today, I put my professional reputation behind Triptico and submitted an endorsement of the product for the new webpage. It really is that simple, it is that good.

In doing so, I thought I should at least update myself with the product as I know David has been hard at work updating (and returning with interest) the tools, now very accessible and social on  TripticoPlus website. Two new updates have been added this week.

Order Sorter

One of my favourite tools to explore poetry composition. The first time I used Order Sorter was to explore The Highwayman, the pupils came up with some very inventive storylines. Order Sorter is also a very useful tool to explore or secure pupils understanding of process. The demo offers the process of making a cup of tea… back in two minutes, with my Ginger Nuts. The new version has even more power; font, instant randomise and (against his own better judgement) you can check the order against “a correct answer.” On his website blog, David offers 25 ideas where / how you can use the tool, it is worth a look.


What’s the Question

What’s the Question was a fun quiz before hand. It’s even more attractive now, with access to fonts and images as answers.


I borrowed the websites promo images because they show off the tools in the very best light and because… my tea is getting cold.

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