#TLT15 the draft promo


#TLT15 the draft promo

8 May ’15 Teaching 0

Last #TLT14 was an amazing PD event. It was here I bumped into the great and the good; teachers, leaders, educationalists and supportive companies contributing to a day. Not to mention the significant efforts of the organising team.

Tom Sherrington opened the batting with his accustomed aplomb. Kev Bartle galvanised my efforts to remove graded observations (check). A brief conversation with Jill Berry gave me plenty to reflect upon whilst Kerry Pullen’s warmth and pride in her craft was infectious. Stephen Lockyer keep my spirits high and the presence of the wily David Rogers keep me checking over my shoulder. The atmosphere was light-hearted and purposeful.

This years’ speaker list is again impressive. Tickets will no doubt evaporate faster than acetone. Be ready.

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