Quick Key responses


Quick Key responses

22 Apr ’15 Leadership Teaching 0

Our Quick Key teachers team at The Wellington Academy is growing. We are now four, hoping to attract members from all nine curriculum areas. Our successes (insightful feedback for pupils, delivery feedback for teachers) and reclaimed marking time appear attractive motivators for our staff to get involved. This coincides with “Assessment Without Levels” (AWL) and our intention to ensure assessment practice doesn’t not get in the way of teaching.

Why Quick Key? Simply, it works in a way that teacher work; teach, assess (scan), feedback, celebrate / repair or re-teach. Delivering the quiz and the ability scan a Quick Ticket offline offers teacher confidence. Quick Key reports make the process of using assessment to address pupils learning blind spots and improve teacher effectiveness.

Where are we now?

Most of our work / exploration, is at the rock face / in the classroom. Our staff appear to be learning as much about their pupils understanding, as they are about their own assessing / question construction skills and teaching effectiveness from the Quick Key reports (all with the lights off). We have experimented with how to best introduce student IDs and complete the Quick Ticket without error.

More recently we have turned our attention to the quizzing itself and what we are planning to do with the pupil responses and question analytics. Exploring the use and importance of non-answers or “X” responses is one line of inquiry. How we address learning blind-spots or ineffective teaching of particular topics / questions is another.

What are our suggestions moving forward?

  • To explore the use of class leader boards for teachers to report quizzes achievements to learners.
  • To explore the ability to test and retest. To test and overwrite scores.
  • To design an easily accessible class set of “personal score sheets” like that available on the phone apps or on the website for individual pupils.


  • To change the use of light green to a neutral colour e.g. light blue ticket.
  • The ability to add sections or dotted lines to printed quizzes.
  • To use a dyslexic friendly font on printed quizzes.
  • Add conditional formatting to the online reports (like that available on the app)

Where next?

We are in regular conversation, email, tweeting, with the team at Quick Key to work out how we make Quick Key an assessment solution for our school. Our teachers will continue work together to develop their quiz and MCQ question skills. Teachers are exploring  Our IT Director is working with the Quick Key development team.

Exploring departmental collaboration, with sharing quizzes currently available for PRO customers. Part of that process will include how to  most effectively categorise and tag quizzes and quizzes (thought I am sure the Quick Key team are at least three steps ahead of us).

Software enhancements continue to improve scan accuracy and speed. Hardware developments will only support scanning.

Feel free to join the experiment, either at the rock face or thinking about the big picture deployment from the lighthouse.

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