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3D Gamelab

3D Gamelab

baked_badgeFor a long time I have been interested in how game mechanics could inspire learning. Every now and then I check up on the progress of 3D GameLab – a learning platform that applies game thinking and game mechanics (quests, experience points, levels, ranks, player cards, open badges and guild sites) to engage and promote learning stamina.

As players quest, they literally “level up” toward their educational goals.

A couple of summers ago now, I completed one of their very first and engaging online summer camps. I learning alot game mechanics in education and as much as about online facilitation due to the fantastic tutoring (even if the transatlantic deal was a nuisance).  In fact I still occasionally exchange the odd article, idea or tweet with one of the tutors, Dr. Lisa Dawley, and I try to support the 3D Gamelab concept where appropriate.

So, a few years on, and now with added va va voom (Mozilla OBI badges), I read this evening that the Gogolabs team are about to launch later this autumn, so keep an eye out for the launch. I also added my “teacher” to my Mozilla backpack.


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