War Horse – themes of friendship 7b2


War Horse – themes of friendship 7b2

15 Oct ’12 #Success Teaching 0

Today we used the very versatile thinklink as a recording tool to highlight the themes of friendship that students could recall from reading chapters 1-6 from War Horse. We continued to use the same canvas as a back channel for additional clues and ideas that arose or we deduced whilst reading chapter 7.

In the second part of the lesson we looked specifically at the connection points exploring how friendship are developed and often unique. Having the ability to move from tile to tile certainly helped the students ‘see’ an abstract concept. Finally, we discussed how ‘friendships’ were changing, under the changing landscape of war.

Extended learning was to focus on whether or not the connections could be probed further, whether they were in fact correct or could be better placed. Students were given the blog link and encouraged to reflect on the lesson, even leave a comment if they felt confident. So, if you are a student reading this, go on, have a go.

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