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How to…

25 Sep ’12 Reflections 0

Every year, students across the country attend assemblies in their droves. Some are designed to inform and share school communications, some to celebrate student achievements or to inspire. But I was wondering how many students would attend assemblies if given the choice?

Do we as educators sometimes miss the students level of engagement? Are the stories that we enjoying sharing with students hitting the mark? From where I stand, at the back of the hall, sadly the answer is yes. Nevertheless, one or two really strike a cord.

Lets call the assembly – ‘Dont judge a book…..’ The assembly is about first impressions, where the label from a tin of steak and kidney filling is replaced with a dog food label. First, appearing rushed and unprepared, you apologises for your tardiness, (a dishelved look here only adds to the atmosphere). ‘Do you mind if I grab a spot of lunch while talking to you?’ You procede to open the tin, with a tin opener, and tuck in. You somewhat shamefully and embarrassingly talk of your passion for dog food before devoring half of the tin. Over indulgence and enjoyment is a key feature of the delivery. As the students repel, look up surprised,  hurt, embarrassed even.

‘It’s actually really quite nice, you really shouldn’t knock it until you’ve tried it.’

Take a step forward and….. step back again.

With their reviled attention, the real message is jetisoned towards the captivated audience. Appearances can be deceptive you know. Should we really make judgements about something or someone, when we know not only what we can see on the outside? Sometimes, what we see on the outside is not what is inside.

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