Mash-it up artistry


Mash-it up artistry

11 Jun ’12 Teaching 0

There is real science in the real world. Science is the poetry of reality.’ Richard Dawkins

John Boswell is the creator of Symphony of Science. A collection of infovideos spliced and diced from more formal documentaries, with a good dose of autotune and some original audio. The very nature of song composition means that a good deal of the key information is repeated over and over again, but that is certainly part of the charm of Boswell’s Frankenstein creations.

Science is of course not the only subject that would work well with this formula. Having shared ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ this afternoon with a group of Yr 10 students, I am confident they would have responded to a infovideo with a autotune twist, canon fire sound effects and flash’d sabres.

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