Heaven or Hell


Heaven or Hell

5 Nov ’11 Challenge Inspire Leadership 0

It’s not that often these days that I get to add to my  Challenge and Inspire, Creative Writings page, So that when I do I think it’s perhaps appropriate to share as a blog post as well. I really like these short fables and quotes generally, but I have to admit they often crop up in my teaching as a result. I’m fairly confident that there is more to schooling than a curriculum. if you like this short fable check out the creative writings to page.

Hell or Heaven?

An old Lama in a mountain monastery was nearing his death. One of the monks came to him and said: “Master, we want you to know that the whole monastery is praying that you be reborn in the highest heaven.”

“Don’t pray for that!” he exclaimed. “Pray that I be reborn in Hell.”

The student was shocked. “Why would we pray for that? You are such a kind and compassionate soul. You do not belong in hell!”

The master replied: “But where else are kindness and compassion more needed that in hell?”


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