Missed Opportunity


Missed Opportunity

17 Jan ’11 #Fail #Success Teaching 0

It has taken until 9pm this evening to realise that I we missed an a powerful opportunity ‘capture success’ and raise student expectations this afternoon at school. We held an assembly for the Year 11 students, collecting their early entry GCSE results. With an opening comment from the Principal and a setting of expectations from the Deputy, students collected print outs of the GCSE results, so far.

As you would expect, there were students pleasantly surprised, a few that needed reminding that this was in fact an ‘early entry result’ and that there was still all to play for. There were of course a few disappointed and an even small group presented with a clear message to step up their game.

The missed opportunity – it is almost impossible to recapture that moment of elation, pride, relief, joy – of reading positive results for the first time. Sadly, it didn’t even dawn on me to bring a camera and these are young people are not our students.

(Note to self – exam results in the summer – book IT Technician)

So, tomorrow, in a moment I am going to write a brief email to the Principal suggesting we get a small group of success stories together for a photo. Students achieving 2 A*s or As but also students that achieved 4 or 5 levels of progress and the one student who gained a Grade C on the Foundation paper for English, for example.

Second, I have seen a ‘Wall of Success’ displaying students with both English and Maths in one column. Students with English or Maths in another with a heading saying ‘Will you be joining them?’ Need to think that one through….

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