Get ’em Writing in Under 60s with OneWord


Get ’em Writing in Under 60s with OneWord

1 Nov ’10 #Success English 0

Oneword is a quick fire web tool is quick, simple and self-explanatory.

You will see one word at the top of the screen and a timing running at the bottom. Click ‘Go’ and you have sixty seconds to write about it. See, I told you it was simple.


After the sixty seconds you can continue or submit your efforts to the gallery where you can read what other writers achieved with the same inspiration. Plenty of reading and writing spin-off tasks here. Rank order the last five examples or assessment tasks such as how do writers use…. to achieve…..?

Most importantly Oneword is a great fun way to get students writing. Fast.

Written for Andrea Ellis, National Coordinator for English.

Accessible to all teachers.


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