Reach Out to Jeff Utecht


Reach Out to Jeff Utecht

17 Jun ’10 Digital Learning e-Tools PLN Reflections 0

I have never met Jeff, I think we Skyped on a few webware discussions, we have emailed and his blog has been in my RSS reader for over 2 years.  I have listen to his podcast (for a short while) and I have witnessed first hand his culinary skills when he was first testing Ustream I think?!? Yet we have never actual met. Nor are we likely, seeing he teaches on the opposite side of the world to me. But, now for another new Jeff Utecht experience / introduction. ‘Reach.

Reach is Jeff Utecht’s free ebook. Free until June 18. (After then you can purchase as a PDF or paper copy at an affordable price.

Jeff is always cooking up good ‘digital content.’ I have not read the book yet, so cant offer a review, but there is nothing stopping you. Jeff, another great contribution to the education community.


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