There is a (English) Lesson in Here Somewhere.


There is a (English) Lesson in Here Somewhere.

10 Jan ’10 e-Tools 0


Text substitution app Texter is a very neat tool that auto completes abbreviations with commonly used phrases you define. For example K(spacebar) autocompletes my signature Kristian Still (MsEd) and HC(space) Hamble Community Sports College, now thats very useful.

Unlike software-specific text replacement features, Texter runs in the Windows system tray and works in any application you’re typing in. How many of teachers suffer from the Well Texter could be your solution to such painful email addresses.

Since it’s always easier to show you than to drone on, here is a video demonstrates from the people at Lifehacker on how to use Texter’s basic features. Its only a minute long and it will save you…..

A couple of points not raised in the video, Texter is case sensitive so set all your abbreviations in lower case, its just easier IMHO. I am not keen on instant autocompletes and prefer to use (spacebar).

It can do more, but I will let you discovery the advanced features in due cause. So to the English lesson in here somewhere. How about setting all the txt codes students reguarly use to autocomplete. In investigation and transformation from txt to dictionary English? Ok, so the lesson needs work but I think we will put it on the students netbooks.

Also available is phraseexpress. Free for personal use and a little more polished.


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