Refining Assessment


I am continuing my work and interest in Question Level Analysis (QLA) or “gap analysis” using Peter Atherton’s (@dataeducator) excellent Exam Feedback Tool #EFT and more recently with Austin Booth and Flexassessment.

Question level analysis (QLA) explores and presents the analysis of student’s responses to individual questions; typically against that of the mean of the cohort. From which strengths and areas for improvement can be prioritised. Targets can now be intelligentily generated automatically with personalised pupil feedback sheets. Following extenstive trials, in various curriculum areas, we started to explore how the #EFT could be used to investigate class level analysis and teacher effectiveness and to assess the impact of remedial interventions.

QLA dovetails with my interest in the design and use of diagnostic or multiple choice questions (MCQs) and my ambassadorial work with exciting assessment tool QuickKey.

I am also interested in “assessment” as a learning opportunity.