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Leadership allsorts

Twitter and LinkedIn have been competing for my attention and if I am honest, LinkedIn is growing on me. This week I picked up a few gems from both platforms. Over on Twitter I was involved in a short conversation about Lesson Study prompted by Greg Ashman’s trimmed Dylan Wiliam’s quote “…any school leader that encourages…
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14 Aug ’18 0

Three to save us all time

Three tips to save us all time. One powerful tool and two shortcuts. Today I leant that Microsoft Garage Project “Dictate” has been released. It is a basic but accurately speech-to-text add-in that works across most Microsoft Office suite. The video is at the bottom of the post. Step 1 – Download and install the…
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24 Jun ’17 0

Outperforming Team

Outperformance: the ability of an organisation to achieve results that are consistently better than a chosen peer group. The are no shortage of Sir Dave Brailsford MBA, CBE, fans. His ‘marginal gains*’ approach to leading success is simply unpicked in  this ‘Investors in People’ article. Well worth any aspiring leaders time. 1. Recruit the best people. Brailsford…
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20 Apr ’15 0

Learning to be a…

Learning to be a… better English teacher. This is, and will continue to be, an on-going task. In getting ready for starting at The Wellington Academy, I found some scribbled notes and a post it. The notes were from a CPD session using the ASCL lesson observation DVDs. The post it note, well that could have come from almost…
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31 Dec ’12 1

Ofsted off cuts and tips

Over the two days of our inspection, Ofsted were precise, supportive and challenging. At the end of inspections, this much I had gleaned from our conversation. There is an expectation of planning and not excessively planned lessons. I had decided to include my datasheet for the group and use the 5 minute lesson plan. Only…
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11 Dec ’12 0

2 Every Day Quick Tips

Zip it to get them all If you want to get all the photos out of a Powerpoint or Word file then there is a quick way to do it. Copy the file and rename the extension from from .docx to .zip. Open the zip archive and you should see several folders. You’re looking for…
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17 Nov ’10 0