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Teaching is messy and learning so difficult to pinpoint, that teaching has to be responsive, that is my humble conclusion. Securing, holding, not overloading (a nod to desirable difficulties and cognitive load) students attention, essential. From there on in, the list of potential variables that may / or may not influence a student learning is…
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4 Nov ’19 2

Stumbling to success

Winston Churchill once said ‘success is stumbling from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.’ If you are not prepared to risk failure, and not resilient enough to cope with it, you will not achieve success” Jill Berry c/o Caroline Spalding

1 Aug ’17 0

Stars and bars – ALT impact

This afternoon I received an email about the ‘practicalities and cost’ of the ATL ‘stars and bars’ reward system. If I am honest, the main expense is staff time. Every cycle our staff enter 2000+ grades, that is a significant staff investment for these grades to merely appear on a report card and ‘possibly’ be discussed with key staff…
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25 Nov ’12 0

A very important 10%

If 90% of success in life is showing up, the other 10% depends on what you’re showing up for. – Lifehacker Show up for things where your potential for achievement is commensurate with your willingness to put in effort. The rest seems to take care of itself. A new approach or tactic for encouraging students…
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15 Jun ’12 0