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Swamps the new rainforest?

Classrooms are messy and complex, a veritable swamp of interactions. After the testing effect, retrieval practice here are four that we have been exploring at length with RememberMore: spacing, interleaving confidence, motivation and interleaving. Spacingand interleaving (metacognition, confidence) Most recently, working in Year 7 maths classrooms, Emeny, Hartwig & Rohrer (2021) reported that spaced practice…
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31 Jul ’21 0


Teaching is messy and learning so difficult to pinpoint, that teaching has to be responsive, that is my humble conclusion. Securing, holding, not overloading (a nod to desirable difficulties and cognitive load) students attention, essential. From there on in, the list of potential variables that may / or may not influence a student learning is…
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4 Nov ’19 2